Réflexologie - Massage bien-être - Lecture d'oracle

Who I am?

My name is Aurelie Melchior. I was born in Lorraine in France in 1985.

I grew up in a working class town, a coal mining town, where the miners’ eyes were always caked in soot.

I am the daughter of "Gueules Noires", grand-daughter of one of the mine’s electricians and great grand-daughter of the head chef (Chef Porion) of a Lorraine mine.

The nature in Lorraine is generous despite the mining and the wars that martyred it.

I have always loved going there, to be with myself, to be silent, to listen to its sounds, and probably to seek my true self.

The beginning of my life was deeply marked when I met my grandparents, who had lived at the forefront of the Second World War. One of my grand-fathers was a "Malgré-Nous" at the age of 20. He was the only survivor in his section to return from Russia. I always listened attentively to their rich and profound experiences, filled with such terrible suffering and hope.

I honour their memory.

SInce my childhood I have observed and contemplated the world around me, asking questions about human relationships, the environment, about what it means

‘to be healthy’, about love, respect, and the liberty ‘to be oneself’.

I was immediately confronted with life experiences that taught me to listen to myself, and allowed me to feel an affinity with ‘taking care’ of people, animals, and life in general.

At 11 I was cured by a homeopathic doctor and acupuncturist who enlightened my life, and opened up a door through which I permitted myself to enter.

I didn’t know it then, but this meeting would change the course of my life.

Having obtained a baccalaureat in Science and Laboratory Technology ( STL), I decided to direct my life into the field of health.

At the age of 21, following much questioning, observation and for my own personal development, I wanted to follow a psychotherapy by which I could discover the method of rebirth. During the same period I discovered meditation, that I still practise to this day.

Having obtained a diploma in nursing, I settled in Switzerland in 2009.

I have always instinctively loved massaging my feet, as well as walking barefoot in nature.

It is therefore natural that I became interested in reflexology.

In 2012 I obtained a diploma in general reflexology.

I still carry out treatment in practice and at home, whilst continuing regular training.

Since 2018 I have been training in naturopathy.

I have always had a unique affinity with Shamanism.

I have been following the training of a Shaman from South America who invited me in 2016.

I have an appreciation of all art forms. Artistic expression is so precious!

I love to travel and discover other cultures and knowledge.

I feel closely connected to protecting Mother nature and allowing it to grow.

In my daily life I use a lot of organic products and I often make my own.

I warmly thank all the people who have accompanied me on my life’s path.

I am available to listen to you, to accompany you, to support you, to help you to reconnect to your deepest self, to go beyond your limited beliefs, and to find a resolve together to your specific blockages.