Séance intuitive - Naturopathie - Massage bien-être - Réflexologie


I have been in practice since 2012.

I am currently studying naturopathy. I incorporate my research into the consultation.

A session lasts 2 hours max for an adult, case history included.

If you are unsure about your state of health, I strongly urge you to contact a certified doctor.

- Well-being massage

for the whole body. It’s suitable for women. and men. 

It is a preventative massage enhancing relaxation and allowing full body consciousness.

- Cupping therapy

- Kansu

comes from Ayurveda.

I practise it at the level of the feet, using a bowl made from copper alloy and other metals, as well as home-made ghee.

This treatment brings forth mental calm as well as regulating the elements of the body, notably “pitta” ( according to Ayurveda).

This treatment is advised if you are of a nervous disposition, suffer from insomnia, if you are often irritable or angry. I use the Kansu to accompany people who are close to the end of their earthly life.

- Reflexology

I practise reflexology on feet, hands, ears (auriculotherapy) and nasal touch. 

 Reflexology can also be used to treat children and adolescents, as well as adults, the elderly 

and is equally adapted to both women and men.

For auricolutherapy I don’t use needles, but by pressure points, and by the application of ‘grains’ according to your needs.

There are multiple indications for reflexology such as the need to relax, neuropathic troubles, insomnia, digestive and hormonal troubles, chronic or temporary constipation, pain of any kind…

Treatments for babies are always carried out with the parents present.

- Nasal Touch - Sympathicotherapy

uses a stylus to stimulate nasal mucus which is directly linked to the pituitary gland.

The indications for this treatment can be stress, post -traumatic stress, insomnia, hormonal troubles and weight fluctuation, mood swings.

I am an active member of the association Proreflexo since 2012 and recognised by ASCA.

Please consult your insurance to find out how you can be reimbursed for my sessions.