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Intuitive session

What is an "Intuitive session"?

I use my gift and tools to help accompany you in finding answers to your questions. We all have the capacity to find the answers to the questions within. However, sometimes we need help from outside.

I offer consultation on all types of questions. ( Please see Conditions)

The price of the session is 100CHF for 1h30 consultation.


I only respond to questions concerning the person who is consulting me. 

 I do not make medical diagnoses.

The session takes place via Skype, Messenger or Zoom. The results are identical to a face-to-face session.

If you’re not able to connect by Skype, Messenger or Zoom, I can send you a written report of the session in which I will respond to your questions. There is still a fee for the session and the conditions remain the same.

Your session remains completely confidential.

Payment should be made 48h before consultation by bank transfer.

Refunds must be on notification 48h in advance.

Consultations by booking only.